As I’m too tired to really post anything about today, I’ll keep it brief. Beattie says that belief in a Higher Power, and the observation of those who are healing around us, will also help us to be healed.

All of this isn’t a “do-it-yourself” kinda deal. Still new, still strange for me. But to simply believe that things will work out… to have true faith in things, it helps.

The urge is there to force it along. To wake up ¬†and say, “OK I’M BETTER NOW,” to imagine that all of the good and bad of the last couple of years is washed away. But, I know better. A stronger me leads to a happier me. A happier me leads to a healthier me. I’m getting there. It’s painstaking at times, but… I’ve only been writing about this for a month. I can do 11 more.

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  1. glenn147

    Instead of counting the Days as you travel our Happy Road. Pick out a Date in the Near Future….a Month or Two down the Road. Figure out how many Days till then and Count backwards each Day. It tricks your Mind….Try It… Good Luck

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