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… and submitted.

Well, I did it. I submitted something to an online lit magazine called The Cobalt Review. You never know until you try, so… I’m trying. I spoke to my brother tonight about writing; he’s published various sci-fi/fantasy stories, and I wanted his advice. He said not to worry so much about publishing; every time I write a blog post I get published (I’m my own publisher! WHOA!… I mean, ahem. Thanks, WordPress.) He said to just continuously work on writing. So, that’s where I’m at. I think it’s working because I just spent the past hour refining that submission and… I’m not done yet.

And then there are those days where you feel like winning.

Ok, I’ll admit it even though I don’t want to admit it: I feel, very strongly right now, that I need to write the book. I no longer know what the subject matter will be. I just know I need to get it done. I think there are things that are pushing me in that direction, even if I don’t know what they are. Do I sound crazy? Well, I am crazy. Crazy-craze! If you’ve noticed, I’ve talked about writing a book since I was in college. If you’ve noticed, I said I was going to have my book done… I’m not done yet.

the art of avoidance.

“When you try to do or be something, you can’t do it or be it. Because trying is not the same as being. Trying flies in a circle around the moment and being is inside of it. You must be.” – Augusten Burroughs Currently reading “This Is How” by Augusten Burroughs, one of my favorite authors. I’m pretty sure I enjoy reading him because he comes off somewhat narcissistically, and if I ever finished my book I’d probably come off narcissistically, too. That said, this book is self-helpy (which I’m like, HEY! MORE HELP!) and he – who is not a… I’m not done yet.

What It Is.

There is one certainty in life: If you want anything, you have to work for it. There’s another certainty in my life: I want a lot. And I mean to work on those things. And then I don’t. And I wonder why the sky doesn’t rain good fortune on me. A couple of people have suggested turning this blog into a book – or, at the very least – taking certain blog posts and formulating them into something larger. I consider the possibility, but then those negative wheels start turning and I tell myself that I can’t. That it’ll never… I’m not done yet.


Ah, November 30. You crept up like a sneaky son of a bitch. Well – here’s what I have to show for November: Book is not finished. Watching “Mad Men” on Netflix really makes me want to smoke and drink from daybreak to nightfall. And I can’t stop watching. And I’m not even sure if I LIKE the show! Blanket statement alert: I NEED TO BE MORE DRIVEN. Lots of interests, some talents, no drive. Lazy, lazy, lazy (read also: fear, fear, fear). Is the key not to set goals, so if you don’t do them, it doesn’t matter? Is… I’m not done yet.