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G’bye Cheetos.

Fridays are somewhat irrelevant to me since I work Saturdays as well, but there’s something automatically relaxing about knowing that the weekend is here. With everything that’s been going on, I figured tonight would be the perfect night to shut my brain down for a while. Last night, I started looking up vegetarian recipes. (From time to time, I consider going vegetarian. I have no real basis for it, just that sometimes eating meat weirds me out if it’s chewy or otherwise gross.) So I found a few, and then did the bravest thing I’ve done in a while: went to Whole Foods…. I’m not done yet.

I just… don’t get it…

Back home after a long day at work (the work, not so bad – the catch-up, time consuming). I decided to catch up on Netflix (currently really ashamed to admit, but admitting it anyway: Watching “Drop Dead Diva” because I saw it like 3 times on Lifetime when I had cable and it was stupid but I sort of liked it…), and midway through decided I was really hungry (or bored? maybe hungry. probably bored.) so I walked to the store to get junk food. Sorry to everyone for that last sentence. It was long and rambling. Like my thoughts…. I’m not done yet.

and sometimes you are blessed.

Okay. So if you’ve been reading this for a while, obviously you know that a) I complain sometimes b) occasionally I have epiphanies and everything’s sparkly and c) when all is said and done, things are more up than they are down. Sure, my life is stressful and I haven’t gotten it all figured out quite yet, and sure my job is stressful and sometimes I think, “MAN I COULD HAVE BEEN FAMOUS OR SOMETHING INSTEAD.” But then things happen, and all I can think is, “Well, that was pretty cool, and I’m very lucky to have had this experience.”… I’m not done yet.

Wake Me Up When Tonight Ends.

I’m trying to follow election coverage online, but since it’s online, it’s kind of spotty. Luckily, I have wine (I saw about seventeen FB statuses which all mentioned wine while paired with elections so I figured why not?) and butternut squash ravioli which Trader Joe’s made for me (how thoughtful). Also, I’m getting sick, and might go to bed before the official results are in. Wa waaa. Have a good night, everyone. And don’t do anything spiteful if your candidate doesn’t win.

Oh Saturday, My Saturday.

Today was an unusual Saturday in that I said, “Sayonara, bitches!” to work at a time when I generally do not. By 11:15a, with my OCD tendencies satisfied, I was out the door and heading down to Soldier Field to get my packet for tomorrow’s race. Before I even walked into the expo (a tent), however, I heard the jams of Michael Jackson blaring through. And while I enjoy some MJ from time to time, I knew this wasn’t going to be an expo I stayed and wandered around. I walked up and down four lanes to get to the… I’m not done yet.