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Losing Steam.

For the year 2012, I have one day of vacation left. I have to choose it carefully, but come December, I need somewhere to go. Work is stressing me out like a mofo. No physical activity for the past couple of weeks has made me feel like a lame ass. I’m carbo-loading as if I’m still working out. That just makes me sit down a lot. …Yeah, I need out of Chi-town on a limited budget, but need to go. Where to? Suggestions welcome, OBVI (as my 15-year-old sister says and it kills me …).

Friday, Friday. Fun fun fun fun.

It’s the day before my friend’s wedding and we are all running around separately, trying to get things accomplished. I’ve been paired up with one of the groomsmen, driving around St. Louis in his F150 as we marvel at the sights: “I think I just saw a guy smoking a crack pipe.” Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, and for whatever reason, I’ve elected not to shower until then. Bad choice, Amanda, as it’s 93 degrees and rising. Keeps things interesting, I suppose. Have a great day, everyone!

Bed is more interesting than packing.

Just got home from a comedy show featuring the lovely Amy Schumer, and I still have to pack for my trip tomorrow. Come on. Would you expect anything less by now? I got my nails done today, and that’s about it. I already chipped them (that spells accomplishment, if I do say so myself). Oh. I’ve checked into my flight, too. I’M DOING WELL, FOLKS. … Whatever. Bed is more interesting than the panic rush at 3:30am hoping that I didn’t forget anything before I rush off to work. St. Louis, I’ll be in your city tomorrow! Readers, get ready… I’m not done yet.

Running, Ice Cream, And The Ocean

This morning at 6am, I woke up to go running. My dad and I drove to Mission Bay Park, a series of coves near Sea World in San Diego. It was nice to have a designated path to run on; however, I still have the stupids and got confused. I started off relatively well; averaging an 11:30 mile time. At one point, the path took me behind some houses and I started to wonder if I was actually running in peoples’ backyards (turns out, I wasn’t). Instead, I followed some kids who were skateboarding and ended up running into a… I’m not done yet.

San Diego!

Updating once again from my phone in (sort of) sunny San Diego! By the time I went to bed I had been up for almost a full day. I didn’t sleep in that long though, and my family and I visited Seaport Village for most of the afternoon. Tomorrow, I plan on running my 6-miler. My family has convinced me not to get up at 5am to run (though I might, still!). I have noticed that Mission Valley, where we’re staying, doesn’t offer that much in terms of scenery. Because of this, I’ll either go to the water, or one… I’m not done yet.