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Unfortunately, this post will be short because it is late, and I am very tired. And I can barely move. Except I have been moving. And now I don’t want to do it anymore. The run was not all that I wanted it to be. I will write about that more tomorrow, when every part of my brain is not mush. And by brain I meant body. But that’s ok because the brain is part of the body. I think. It depends on who you ask. Goodnight, all.

The Mental Game.

Tonight, after hours – well, really, days – of agonizing over my ability to run, I just got out there and did something. I was supposed to run for an hour. I ran for 33 minutes, but was out for longer, and my average pace was 14:21/mile. I stopped once to stretch. I was going to stop once I reached my block. I went past it. I did not do my absolute best, but I have to get through this challenge. And tonight, that was just getting out the door. That was saying, “I don’t want to do this, not… I’m not done yet.

Like a Taylor Swift Song.

I had more running problems this morning. I got about a mile into a 10-mile run before my I wanted to chop my leg off and beat myself with it. Here’s the thing: I… do not like running. I really am not the physical exercise type. If I could lose weight, or be active by doing nothing at all, I would. Running has its benefits; I’ve had some really great times with it, BUT all these pain-in-the-ass leg problems need to go away. I have stretched. I have rolled. I have sticked. I have yoga-ed, pilate-d, massaged. My leg sucks…. I’m not done yet.

Bag O’ Bones

A day after my 18-miler and my body is screaming at me. My legs hurt, my abs hurt, my head hurts. And I have to wonder, “If I would have known how much aches and pains suck as I got older, would I instead have chosen a life in which Nintendo and couches reigned supreme?” Sigh. Time for bed. Work tomorrow. Icky.