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P-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face.

Did I miss a “p” there? Not sure. The family was engrossed in a poker game when I started writing this, and then we started playing Scattergories. If you’re a writer, Scattergories puts you in your place. Think of a word that starts with T that you’d grab as you were running out the door ( my mom’s answer: Taxes). See? Hard, right? So my official Thanksgiving is over. It’s been so great to hang with my family, and the only thing that happened which was kind of a bummer was that I found out tonight I won’t be pacing… I’m not done yet.

My Lungs Want to Murder Me.

Today I ran. For 10 minutes. And I wanted to die. It wasn’t actually that my legs couldn’t handle it. No, they were going along at a pace of 12:30 and then 12:45 and I didn’t actually want to slow down. My lungs, however, reacted so vehemently to the movement that I felt as if I had smoked three packs of cigarettes while holding my breath under water. Tricky, right? It didn’t feel good. And now I’m all bummed and disappointed because I am a bum. I’ll get back on it tomorrow. By now, everyone knows that running is not… I’m not done yet.

The 5K That Wasn’t.

I was supposed to run a 5K tonight – my first since the marathon – but work got a little too crazy, and I didn’t have enough time to go home and change. Ah, well. At least the shirt was cool. In essence, then, I paid $32 for a shirt. Next week is another 5K – Hot Chocolate – and it’s on a Sunday so I’ll have no excuse. They give hoodies as goodie bags. And let’s face it – a hoodie beats a shirt any day, am I right? Have a good night, everyone.

The Chicago Marathon, Unabridged.

**Warning: this post will be very long, somewhat detailed and short on pictures (it is ME, after all, and if there’s one thing I wasn’t thinking about yesterday it was documenting the thing with anything other than MY MIND’S EYE…).** Saturday night, I somehow fell asleep around 9p.m., amidst neighbors partying it up. I slept for a good five hours until I woke up at 2a.m. having to pee. I didn’t take it as a good sign that my first thought upon waking was, “Wow, you’re gonna die today.” Needless to say, I didn’t fall back to sleep after that… I’m not done yet.

‘Twas The Night Before The Marathon…

…and all through the house, I’ve been running around like a fucking crazy. I actually only got home from work about an hour ago; I was supposed to leave there at 2:30, and due to a shitstorm of shit, left at 6. I stopped and got groceries (my dinner: brown rice pasta with tomato and basil sauce; my breakfast tomorrow morning: bagels with peanut butter, greek yogurt, and maybe a granola bar). The plan is to meet one of my running buddies at about 5am on the El, chill downtown for a bit, get into the corral at 7:45, and… I’m not done yet.