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Adventures in Running: The Return

Today is May 15. I have not run since April 19, when I achieved my fastest mile to date: an 11:20 mile. I began training for the Chicago Marathon today with fear and trepidation for a couple of reasons. 1) I have not run in almost a month. 2) I requested to be put in a somewhat faster training group (instead of running 3-4 minutes and walking for 2, I am now doing 5/1s). 3) I have not run in almost a month. 4) The 5/1 training schedule – as well as the marathon training schedule – is a bit… I’m not done yet.

…And then I did an 8K.

Some may say that, when it comes to exercise, I… am not an aficionado. Yes, I do it, but I never wake up in the morning and think, “MAN I WOULD LOVE TO DO SOME OF THAT EXERCISE TODAY!” So far, the only two activities that have kept me staying the course are 1. kickboxing, and 2. running (or, in my case, run/walking). I love kickboxing because I get to punch and kick til I have nothing left in me. This works especially well at the end of the week, when I can direct every problem in the direction of… I’m not done yet.