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I have about 10 minutes before I should be in bed. About 6-7 hours before I need to be up for work. 2 weeks before the marathon. 6 weeks of physical therapy ahead of me. I keep living in the future, holding onto the past, getting wrapped up in the intense emotions of my present.


When it comes to the “deadline” category, I fail, hardcore, hands down. I just don’t do well with them. It’s a wonder I pay my bills on time. Beattie suggests that you use deadlines in order to dispel consternation over a decision. Are things tough now? Give it a month and see how you feel. Have you been going over and over something for six months? Give yourself two more months – and at the end, make a decision or let it go. Seems like a bit of tough love, but I see her point (some may call deadlines “goals”,… I’m not done yet.

There’s Never Enough Time in The Day!

This is the story of my life. Part of this is that I take on too many projects because – let’s face it – I’m a direct descendant of Superwoman (though, Wonder Woman was more my style). But if you couple that with an extreme inclination toward procrastination… uh, you get me. I think it’d be super if I could just catch up on sleep (a problem that seems never-ending) and – while I was sleeping – things could just get done for me. Sort of like Mary Poppins and that whole snap-your-fingers-while-singing-and-your-room-gets-clean power that she had. (I SO wanted… I’m not done yet.

Up to now.

Day 35 – yes, I’m writing this early because I can only sleep for 6 hours at a time – is about rejoicing in the journey that is healing. If it’s hard, that’s cool. If there’s progress, awesome! If you slide backward a bit, no worries. It’s ALL okay. I guess it’s good that I have a reminder that I’m right where I need to be, because it’s all a part of something better. Of course it won’t naturally happen, it takes effort and time and patience and grace. I have only about 50% of those qualities on a normal… I’m not done yet.