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“Finances?” Uh…

Inexplicably, Day 36 is about financial responsibility. Ok, well… There’s a bit of an explanation, which is: Sometimes, in relationships, you depend on people – even if they’re no good for you – because they help you pay your bills. In the real world, these financial backers are known as “sugar daddies (or mamas).” While I have never been lucky enough to have such a person who eats, breathes, and dreams money, I’d have to imagine that, yeah – if that relationship sucks, it’s a pretty tough situation to be in. At the same time, if you apply it to… I’m not done yet.

The Powers That Be.

Day 30 is all about understanding that the “God” in the higher power form of addiction can be any religion you need Him to be. It’s a personal experience for each individual person. They have the right to choose for themselves, and you shouldn’t force a decision on them. So right now I would like my version of TPTB to understand that I did not mean to freakin’ eat my weight at dinner tonight. But the food was delish. And right now I’d like it if I’d continue getting help letting the past go. And right now I’d like some… I’m not done yet.