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The Accidental Purity Ring.

I’ve been in Austin for a little over two days now, feeling much less overwhelmed than I was during last year’s SXSW stint. This has been the trip of early arrivals. I got to Austin 45 minutes early, but I was even early to Midway, leaving me two and half hours to wander – which for me, means a trip to the airport bookstore, McDonald’s fries and a coke (a strange, almost OCD thing that I must do when I go to Midway), and finding someone to text so that I am not sitting in a chair having a staring… I’m not done yet.

It’s Almost Here!

If I hadn’t been up for what seems like a million hours, I’d be outwardly jumping for joy that (although I ¬†am working tomorrow) I am leaving for Texas! Originally I was going down there to run the Austin Half; since that dream has been effectively crushed I’m just going to spend time with friends. This means there will be a lot of alcohol consumption and hopefully much more sleep than I’ve been getting. I’m kind of packed; still have to get the girlie things together but I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to do so. I’m sure I’ll be panicking… I’m not done yet.

Slow It Down, October.

October, you’re interesting already. The marathon is in six days and I have worried 10,000 times about getting run over by a car, someone sneezing in my general direction, listening to music so much that I get sick of sound, eating, eating, eating and eating. JUST TODAY. My friend and co-worker is moving to Texas, so I’ve spent the majority of today looking over resumes and e-mails. They all give me a headache. I wish there was a filter button to sort the top resumes from the rest. And yes, I know there’s supposed to be that accented e, but… I’m not done yet.

Sake? I’ll Pass.

Just got home from a sake tasting with the CheekyChicago girls. I’ve only tried sake once, in Texas, and it was not my favorite. It turns out that it still is not my favorite. Doesn’t matter what grade it is, either. We sipped from the lowest grade to the highest, and in my opinion, it just got worse the higher we went. Unlike vodka, which when it’s really cheap tastes like rubbing alcohol, expensive premium sake tastes like premium rubbing alcohol. For the first time in days, I do not have a book to read. I read the second installment… I’m not done yet.


I’ve come to a realization: Writing about letting go when you’re on vacation is kind of tough. Today’s topic, “removing the victim,” speaks true to me, but only a bit. Beattie writes about how, instead of asking others, “Don’t you care? Can’t you see?” that you accept your pain and take self-responsibility. I know that, in the past, I’ve looked to others for help but a lot of the time, I don’t talk about it. I feel it, to be sure. But I don’t talk about it. In that respect, I guess I could be more responsible and accepting. I… I’m not done yet.