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On Quitting Smoking.

Today marks my one-year anniversary of quitting smoking. First, a confession: Ask the medical community about my smoking history, and they will tell you that I – who smoked about one pack a week (unless there were other smokers around) for 5 years – am small potatoes when it comes to something like this. It’s true – no amount of smoking is “good.” But in the grand scheme of things – and by most norms – I should have been sucking cigarettes down to their cylindrical filters, up to three packs a day. I wasn’t. A psychology class I took… I’m not done yet.

Wine makes everything better.

I am finally home from work after a very long day. I now have a bottle of wine. I have 15 miles to run tomorrow. But all I care about is the wine. Have a good night, everyone.

Meet Me in St. Louis

I’m in St. Louis at the moment, waiting for my friend to complete her spray tan; she’s getting married on Saturday. It is the first of my ‘moral support’ tasks. So far, so good. I’ve come to the conclusion that, in the hour I’ve been in this town, if I ever get married, I’m eloping. Or destination-wedding-ing that shit. Too much stress. I’ve officially made myself the lead executive in a job I’d like to call, “making sure friend’s husband-to-be gets all of the things he has to do”. I think this is one of those male-female divide things. I… I’m not done yet.


Ok, it’s official. I’m stressing. For the past two weeks, I haven’t shut the fuck up about moving. Yes. We know, Amanda. You’re moving. I know this, too. What I don’t know is what day I’m moving. Why? Because my new apartment management doesn’t know when their current tenants are moving. My current apartment wants me out by May 31. That would be… Thursday. And I’d be more than happy to move… if I could. IF I COULD. So, there’s the other issue of how I’d get this stuff transferred. Friends, you say? Psh. Everyone knows nobody has friends when… I’m not done yet.

When Your OCD Gets The Best of You, Go with It.

I don’t really have OCD, and if I do, it’s undiagnosed. I think having an undiagnosed disorder can have its benefits, because then when you are diagnosed with it, people will finally understand why you’re so very strange. I need all the help I can get in this department. Last night, I worked a night shift. Normally, you won’t find a bigger proponentĀ of working at night than me. Especially at my job – it’s 10,000 times less stressful (not a lot of people, and relatedly, not too many problems), and all you’re really responsible for is data entry. I didn’t… I’m not done yet.