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Forever Going with The Flow, But You’re Friction.

Oh, Taylor Swift. Your lyrics continue to resonate with me like a soccer mom with a secret crack addiction. Decided today, after feeling like the literal weight of the world – nay, the solar system – was on my back (between my shoulder blades), that the next time I get paid I am splurging on a massage. I don’t normally make it rain on such things, but I’ve been so tired and stressed out lately that I think it’d be a good idea for myself and those around me. (Seriously, ask my co-workers.) No word on the MRI yet, but… I’m not done yet.

Warm December Days.

Headed downtown to see Ray LaMontagne. It’s 60 degrees. It’s December. Work was super long, and I am hoping that sharing space with a bunch of people who also enjoy large acoustic settings will calm me down. Alcohol may help too. *shrug* Have a good night, everyone.


It recently came to my attention (as in, just now) how easy it is for me to shut everything out around me when I am stressed. The following is going to be a whole lot of WAAAAAing. Ready? I really, seriously, need to put breaks on this Amanda-mobile. I’ve spent the evening zoning out to Netflix and eating chocolate chips from a bag. I mean, that’s not even dinner. That’s chocolate. And it’s great and all, but what the hell am I doing? I spilled a bottle of water on the floor and it took me two hours (TWO HOURS)… I’m not done yet.

And At The End Of The Day…

There’s still wine and chocolate. Thank God. Will work half a day tomorrow, pick up my stuff for the Hot Chocolate 5k (I think I’ll actually make it to this one!), and then… KICKBOXING! I really am excited. I can’t promise that I’ll be any good at it, considering it’s been missing from my life for a whole three weeks, but… let’s just say it’ll feel good to punch things. Love, peace and happiness to all, everywhere in the land!

Ah, Yes. The blog thing.

Not gonna lie – almost forgot to write in this. “In” as if this is some kind of diary, and I am 13-years-old. While I act like I am 13, I recognize that this is NOT a diary. It’s closer to a LiveJournal, but it’s not a diary. Right now, I’m just in full stress mode. Quiet? Sure. Calm? Almost. Fucking stressed to the point I want to sleep all day long? You betcha. Trying to remind myself that all of this shall come to pass soon. The marathon I worked 20 weeks for (sometimes really hard, sometimes not so… I’m not done yet.