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Is Will Ferrell Funny?… and other thoughts.

My day has been thus far spent sleeping, and waking up, and sleeping some more. I took a break from the sleeping to have lunch with a friend, and to play piano. I’m pretty sure I’m giving my hands arthritis with all the repetitive playing I’m doing. And when I’m not playing, I’m watching Netflix. It occurs to me that I could be far more productive (I can’t find my primary set of keys, for example), but you know what? I just saw that episode of The Office where it’s Steve Carell’s last episode, and he was crying and I… I’m not done yet.

Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks!

on the wednesday before Thanksgiving, I am uber thankful to be able to go to bed, and not have to deal with alarms. I think tomorrow means baking. And also working. But baking is what’s important. Have a good night, everyone.

Am I Sleeping Yet?

The goal today was to get through the day, then go to sleep. I’m still awake, so I think I failed. And I’m listening to Jay-Z. Tomorrow is the appointment with the lymphedema specialist. I’ve mentioned this three times in previous blogs, but I think I like writing the word “lymphedema”. And, coming soon: a meditation workshop the first week of October. (I mean, imagine me, all zen and shit.)  

It’s Past My Bedtime.

Hey there. I’ve reverted to my phone because I’m having a late dinner at a restaurant. That’s right, folks, I’m the antisocial at the table. It’s all in the name of blogging, though, so I think it’s ok. I’ve had the strangest day: At work I got a couple of crazy phone calls (“I’m at a park and I had to LEAVE because one of your trucks is idling!” “That’s actually our refrigeration unit, ma’am. It needs to be on.” “Well, I really think you should consider greener options. So that people can sit in parks!” yup. Right on that.)… I’m not done yet.

The Joy Of Napping.

I’m a firm believer in naps. I don’t mean one of those 20-minute-power ones, but mostly because it takes me longer than 20 minutes to fall asleep, usually. And, also, I really like to sleep. The naps I extol today are the 3-hour-plus ones – and if you think those can’t be classified as “naps” but rather “sleeps” – well, I sort of agree with you a little bit, but that’s only because – again – I value my sleep, and I never seem to get enough. Naps help with everything. If you are sick, they might make you feel… I’m not done yet.