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Mentality & Talent

I skipped my workout yesterday in favor of not running in the heat, so I planned to run this morning instead. I (finally!) found my interval watch, and set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. when it wouldn’t be too hot. And then my alarm didn’t go off. And when I woke up, at almost 7, I once again debated running outside in 80-degree weather. 45 minutes later, I was outside. As I started running, attempting to do 5/1s, I began to think of why it was that I couldn’t get over this stumbling block. It’s hard, yes. It hurts, yes…. I’m not done yet.

Sun, Sand, Sunday.

I begrudgingly awoke this morning after falling asleep at 11p.m. last night, reading the last book of The Hunger Games. (For the record, I thought it was better written than Fifty Shades…) I did a six-mile run that seemed to take me forever, the humidity so dense that I wasn’t ever moving at the speed I thought I was, sweat pouring into my eyes… It was a gross run. But at least I did it. (I have no idea how I’m going to make it through the rest of the summer.) Later, I went to see Magic Mike with a… I’m not done yet.

It’s Past My Bedtime.

Hey there. I’ve reverted to my phone because I’m having a late dinner at a restaurant. That’s right, folks, I’m the antisocial at the table. It’s all in the name of blogging, though, so I think it’s ok. I’ve had the strangest day: At work I got a couple of crazy phone calls (“I’m at a park and I had to LEAVE because one of your trucks is idling!” “That’s actually our refrigeration unit, ma’am. It needs to be on.” “Well, I really think you should consider greener options. So that people can sit in parks!” yup. Right on that.)… I’m not done yet.