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G’bye Cheetos.

Fridays are somewhat irrelevant to me since I work Saturdays as well, but there’s something automatically relaxing about knowing that the weekend is here. With everything that’s been going on, I figured tonight would be the perfect night to shut my brain down for a while. Last night, I started looking up vegetarian recipes. (From time to time, I consider going vegetarian. I have no real basis for it, just that sometimes eating meat weirds me out if it’s chewy or otherwise gross.) So I found a few, and then did the bravest thing I’ve done in a while: went to Whole Foods…. I’m not done yet.

I’m Getting Old.

Today’s post was supposed to be about how family members can impede the process of letting go, but I don’t think I quite have that issue, so instead I’d like to talk about this subject: I’m in my twenties. And my body feels old. I creak and crack and hurt. It seems like a new thing to me, as if never in my life have I felt sore. I know this isn’t true, but in my mind’s eye I’m pretty sure I’m dragging around like I’m 80. It could be, as a friend of mine suggested, that (while I AM… I’m not done yet.