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G’bye Cheetos.

Fridays are somewhat irrelevant to me since I work Saturdays as well, but there’s something automatically relaxing about knowing that the weekend is here. With everything that’s been going on, I figured tonight would be the perfect night to shut my brain down for a while. Last night, I started looking up vegetarian recipes. (From time to time, I consider going vegetarian. I have no real basis for it, just that sometimes eating meat weirds me out if it’s chewy or otherwise gross.) So I found a few, and then did the bravest thing I’ve done in a while: went to Whole Foods…. I’m not done yet.

Laying Low.

I’ve spent this evening doing absolutely nothing. The work week has been hellish, so I took tonight, and kept to myself. I originally had planned to get things done and then go to a Halloween part, but fuck it. I’m not feeling 100%, I have a race tomorrow, and I need sleep. Sometimes, it’s best to lay low. Have a good night, everyone.

Swollen McGee.

I realized today that I have no concept of what day it actually is, but I do know that today is the first day I’ve come home at a reasonable hour and stayed home. Last night, I got home at 10:30 and immediately went to sleep. I felt fine today, except still a bit stiff. There’s an area near my achilles tendon on my right leg that, no matter how much I try to stretch it, still gives me a bit of trouble. I showed my co-workers today, and they immediately told me it was swollen. And when I looked… I’m not done yet.

I Have A Cankle and Other Stories.

Ok, maybe not stories. Just maybe little tidbits related to this one BIG BIT OF NEWS. All day today, I’ve been feeling like shit. Actually, I’ve been feeling insurmountably tired for the past couple of days, and today, it really got to me. I spent 5 hours of an eight point five hour workday saying, “I don’t feel good,” and the other 3.5 hours thinking, “I really don’t feel good.” Of course, there are always things to do: Today, for example, I left work, got keys made, bought things for my office, came back home intending to take a nap… I’m not done yet.

There’s Always Tomorrow.

Since I’ve been home today, I’ve done absolutely nothing but lie down. These past few weeks have been crazy-craze, and I’ve been lamenting my lack of downtime (or seemingly, the lack of). So today, I forced myself to just rest, take a breather. Tried not to worry about present and future tasks. Of course, because I am still me, I felt slightly bad about not being more productive, but whatever. There’s always tomorrow, at which point in time, there’s always the day after that. Have a good night, everyone.