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And At The End Of The Day…

There’s still wine and chocolate. Thank God. Will work half a day tomorrow, pick up my stuff for the Hot Chocolate 5k (I think I’ll actually make it to this one!), and then… KICKBOXING! I really am excited. I can’t promise that I’ll be any good at it, considering it’s been missing from my life for a whole three weeks, but… let’s just say it’ll feel good to punch things. Love, peace and happiness to all, everywhere in the land!


I just realized that in a mere 7 months, I’ll be 28. Weird. What that has to do with the rest of this post is, of course, absolutely nothing. Beattie makes things sound so easy. “Let the fears slip away,” she writes, as if fears are silken sheets casually dropped and left on the floor. The point of today, for her, is to release all the fears, resentments, problems – even the deep-seeded ones. They’re no longer useful, so why hold onto the old baggage? Okay, so the lady has a point. The problem, for me, is that some of… I’m not done yet.