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The Great Outdoors?

Fact: Before I was a lazy adult, I was a lazy kid. I was forced outside by my mother, sure, but if left to my own devices, I would have sat around and watched TV or played videogames or read books ALL. DAY. LONG. I played sports (poorly) through grade school, but inside, I was a tried-and-true indoorswoman. So why is it that, now, I’m getting the urge to be outdoors? Don’t get me wrong – as I’m sure you’ve read by now, I have my issues with being active, and I will gladly park my ass any time I’m… I’m not done yet.

Like Beating Your Head Against A Wall

If an action hurts, why would you continue to do it? Yet, sometimes, that’s how life is. Whatever the proverbial situation, sometimes we repeat the same things over and over again to the same effect. And we never. Understand. Why. For me, currently, it’s overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that I am moved to inaction. I NEED TO ACT. LIKE I NEED CHINESE FOOD. AND A BOTTLE OF WINE. OR THREE. Today’s topic, according to Beattie, is that life is a gentle teacher. I disagree with the woman. Sometimes life is a drill sergeant. Sometimes life will bitchslap you in… I’m not done yet.