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My nephew is keeping the Post Office alive.

    That is the postcard I’m going to send to my nephew’s class, because they’re learning about the post office. It has to be postmarked before Thursday, so if I don’t get off my ass today and do it, I have to do it tomorrow. I generally enjoy writing letters; it makes me sad that the post office is becoming an extinct institution. I might have written that on my postcard, except I don’t believe that’s a fact little kids would enjoy or understand. Instead, we had to write a fact about the city we live in. Of course,… I’m not done yet.

Oh, pizza. I love you.

Spending this (very late, dear God I should be in bed) evening eating deep dish pizza with a friend who’s in from out of town. This day started out frustratingly shitty, when I had to cut my long run short by a mile due to leg problems (again). It still really upsets me, so… Moving on. Spent most of the rest of my day with my best friend because it’s her birthday! And birthdays are awesome! And now, there’s another friend. And pizza. Life is good. (Screw you, leg.)

Pizza and perception.

I spent a lot of time with my cousin today; she was actually scheduled to go back to Florida today – and at the last minute, changed her flight to Saturday. We ate breakfast, and separated for the afternoon. I went to a doctor’s appointment for my swollen leg, and upon deciding that there was no reason to check for a blood clot for what would be the third time, my doctor wrote me a referral for a lymphedema specialist, a physical therapist who specializes in swelling. I also found out that my blood pressure was a bit high (149/97,… I’m not done yet.

Run, Nap, Sit.

Run, nap, sit on Sundays is basically like my version of Gym, Tan, Laundry as made popular by the horrendous show Jersey Shore (sidenote: I am not ashamed to admit that I watched this show with relish, until they went to Italy and I had enough Snooki-meltdowns to last me a lifetime). Today I ran 14 miles. I tried out a compression wrap, which worked better in the beginning of the run than at the end, and gave me a rash. Cool! Except not. As is becoming my ritual, I walked my sweaty self to Starbucks before heading home, and… I’m not done yet.

Is it over yet?

I came back to Chicago and found HEAT. ┬áMy A/C doesn’t seem to be enough, but I’ll deal (the temps are supposed to go down this week). After not eating all day due to travel, I made the mistake of getting deep dish pizza. I am now in a food coma. I really don’t know how I’m typing right now. I’m hoping that said food coma will help me sleep tonight. That, or an ice bath. Supposedly, I’m moving this week. I put my furniture up for sale, but I haven’t gotten any responses yet. It’s a bit unnerving. The… I’m not done yet.