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Panic! at the Power Outage.

I came home today to find that my power was out. Having never really experienced a power outage by myself before, I became quickly terrified at the thought of having to go find the fuse boxes. In my old apartment, I knew where the fuse box was – if I ever needed it, which I never did. But then I realized that a fuse would probably be a wall outlet thing, and not so much an entire-apartment thing. So, before freaking out any further, I decided to call the electric company and see what the deal was. I got an… I’m not done yet.


Today, I faced a fear. What was that fear, you ask? Putting in an air conditioner window unit. I’ve never done it before. I’ve thought about doing it plenty of times. And then, miraculously, there was always someone there to do it for me. But this year, ’twas not to be. The weather wasn’t really warranting a/c use, anyway. That is, until today. (When it was supposed to rain but did not and so all that meant was that it was humid! HUMID!) I walked into my apartment, immediately started flowing sweat like it was my job and thought, “What’s… I’m not done yet.