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When You’re Locked Out of Your Apartment…

You know how they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions? I don’t feel I’m headed for hell, necessarily, but maybe some sort of weird purgatory that resembles the situations I put myself in. Today, I got home from work, and went to throw out the garbage. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to do. And I took off my purse, but left my phone in my pocket so that I could still listen to music as I was throwing out the garbage. And as I was leaving, I thought, “Should I unlock this door?” And then… I’m not done yet.

Vivir Su Vida.

Literally translated, the title of the blog post means “to live your life.” From last night to today, I took an inventory. It was sort of haphazard, because I was relieved I wasn’t battling drunken idiots but kind of feeling lame that I didn’t really do anything. (I concluded that I was doing something I liked to do, so it all worked out.) So I thought of the things that I have, and the things that I want, and the things I’d have to do to get me to what I want, and then I did not write them down… I’m not done yet.

Oh, The Excitement!

A couple of things have taken place since I last wrote: 1) I am now over 10,000 views on this, my lovely blog. To everyone who has read it in the past 2.25 years that it’s been in existence (but, really, the past 11 months that I’ve worked on it), I thank you. 2) Last night (I assume because I tagged “election”) I got 187 page views in one night. I was aiming to break the previous record (167 last November, a stat I still don’t get… 167 random people decided to visit my blog, which wasn’t really being written… I’m not done yet.

On Dogs.

I’ve come to the conclusion, recently, that my apartment building houses a lot of dogs. And I’ve come to the conclusion, recently, that some of the people who own said dogs really shouldn’t because some of the animals who bark really sound like they’re stressin’ the fuck out. Every now and then I think about getting a dog. I prefer dogs to ┬ácats, though I’ve grown up with both. And I haven’t yet because it’s a financial- and time-suck, and I’d have to plan that out and not devote my life to work and extracurriculars. And because I don’t want… I’m not done yet.