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Less than 99 problems.

A current list of all of my problems: It’s hot. It’s really hot. I don’t get paid til Thursday, and I’m playing an interesting game of monetary chess with paying my bills and depleting my bank accounts. It’s really, really, motherfucking hot. Where did the word motherfucking come from? Why does the computer say that motherfucking is not a word when used as a noun but it is considered a word when used as an adjective? I have to run 5 miles. I say have to, because I have the option not to, but I got some things to prove… I’m not done yet.

“Finances?” Uh…

Inexplicably, Day 36 is about financial responsibility. Ok, well… There’s a bit of an explanation, which is: Sometimes, in relationships, you depend on people – even if they’re no good for you – because they help you pay your bills. In the real world, these financial backers are known as “sugar daddies (or mamas).” While I have never been lucky enough to have such a person who eats, breathes, and dreams money, I’d have to imagine that, yeah – if that relationship sucks, it’s a pretty tough situation to be in. At the same time, if you apply it to… I’m not done yet.