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The Gamble.

Sad news, friends. I have officially watched all of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. I guess it’s back to the drawing board of online television! Related: I could also go out, and… you know, “do things.” But it seems like a gamble. A year ago, it was suggested that I find and join a Meetup group. So I joined Meetup, but haven’t done anything with it because that would be frightening. And yet I trained for a marathon and ran it, even though that was terrifying. And yesterday I got on the bus and found that I was 7 cents… I’m not done yet.

I found a song I love.

It’s by Damien Rice and it’s called “Volcano.” It reminded me that when I have money again I should spend some of it on music.   BUT I WON’T BECAUSE THAT IS NOT FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, AMANDA. But still. I’ll probably spend to get that song, because I liked it so. P.S. Thank God I get paid tomorrow so that I can watch it disappear rapidly. Have a good night, everyone.

Shoes, Running Shoes.

I GOT SHOES. New running shoes, that is. This entire training session has left my left shin battered, and with 7 more weeks to go, I don’t want (and really can’t afford) anything to get worse. So I made my way over to my running store, with my current running shoes on my feet (and no, I didn’t run there – are you kidding?). The salesperson didn’t really think there was much wrong about my current shoes, but I assured him that there was. “I’m over halfway through training… I think it’s time to get new shoes.” Instead, he mentioned… I’m not done yet.

No Money = Running for Free.

Can’t write much because I am voluntarily getting up and running 13 miles by myself tomorrow. There’s no group run – everyone and their mother is running Chicago’s Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I thought about running that race, but my bank account dictated otherwise. So, we shall see how strong my mentality is, and where it will take me. Unfortunately I have a nasty shin splint that doesn’t want to seem to heal on its own. I went to the race expo today, and tried on a compression wrap. It really helped the pain instantly, so I may have… I’m not done yet.

Home Decor Is Expensive.

Just spent $300+ at Target, buying things like bathroom shelves and grill pans. Part of me wants to cry, and the other part is rejoicing. I’m determined to not languish away here, but I am also determined to be better with money. I really want to awaken my creativity… I also am not even sure I know how to use a screwdriver. Wish me luck!