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Meditations in An Emergency.

Yes, I’m still watching “Mad Men.” Yes, I now want to read the book on which this title is based. Yes, I still think Vincent Kartheiser is ugly and I hate his pouty faces. I find myself at crossroads at the strangest times these days. Tonight, while walking to voice lessons, I started to think about the guitar I’ve had since I was 16… and how I should get it fixed. SOMEONE tried to restring it and successfully busted two pegs. And then I started to think about the electric guitar that belonged to my ex. And how I’ll never… I’m not done yet.


Ah, November 30. You crept up like a sneaky son of a bitch. Well – here’s what I have to show for November: Book is not finished. Watching “Mad Men” on Netflix really makes me want to smoke and drink from daybreak to nightfall. And I can’t stop watching. And I’m not even sure if I LIKE the show! Blanket statement alert: I NEED TO BE MORE DRIVEN. Lots of interests, some talents, no drive. Lazy, lazy, lazy (read also: fear, fear, fear). Is the key not to set goals, so if you don’t do them, it doesn’t matter? Is… I’m not done yet.

I wanna be a billionaire so effing bad.

Spending the evening back on Netflix-crack, watching “Mad Men.” Don’t understand what the fuck is going on with this show, but I do know that that bratty asshole kid from Angel is in it, and he is uglier than he was seven years ago. I’m also waiting to collect my millions, as I caved and bought two lottery tickets. Now I just have to wait 30ish minutes, and all will be right with the world. But if I won, I don’t think I’d really tell many people, because it would mean that for the first time in my life I’d… I’m not done yet.