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the blob.

Time for a health update! The good: blood tests from a week ago came back normal (of course). Have an appointment this Thursday with a vascular specialist, and an appointment next Thursday with a rehab/PT place. The bad: foot is intermittently cold and/or numb. Leg still swollen. The ugly: I totally ate oreos and cheetos today for an afternoon snack all the way through dinner. I look like a blob. I feel like a blob. THE BLOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBB. I did about 10 minutes of light walking. I did about 120 minutes of suffering through the first four measures of a song…. I’m not done yet.

And God Said Let There Be Light

And it was good. Tonight, I finally changed the lightbulb in my ceiling fan in my bedroom. It’s been dim since I moved in. If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve been here for 6 months. Right then. Goodnight!

Oops, I Did It AGAIN.

I ran out of time to post yesterday. I was all set to, and then went to do something else. Shame, too, because yesterday was full of goodness. 5-mile run that turned out to be pretty energizing, despite the grey conditions, and I think I came up with a short story/essay idea. I got less than 4 hours of sleep, though, so I’m pretty braindead and not sure why I’m up now, and not sure when I’ll go to sleep, and not sure why I’m using so many commas. Also, I’d like to talk about cellulite. What is it, and… I’m not done yet.

Panic! at the Power Outage.

I came home today to find that my power was out. Having never really experienced a power outage by myself before, I became quickly terrified at the thought of having to go find the fuse boxes. In my old apartment, I knew where the fuse box was – if I ever needed it, which I never did. But then I realized that a fuse would probably be a wall outlet thing, and not so much an entire-apartment thing. So, before freaking out any further, I decided to call the electric company and see what the deal was. I got an… I’m not done yet.

The Great Outdoors?

Fact: Before I was a lazy adult, I was a lazy kid. I was forced outside by my mother, sure, but if left to my own devices, I would have sat around and watched TV or played videogames or read books ALL. DAY. LONG. I played sports (poorly) through grade school, but inside, I was a tried-and-true indoorswoman. So why is it that, now, I’m getting the urge to be outdoors? Don’t get me wrong – as I’m sure you’ve read by now, I have my issues with being active, and I will gladly park my ass any time I’m… I’m not done yet.