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Frustration: A Lament.

When I was around 8, I was in a play with my dad. He was part of Winnetka’s community theatre, and he played a cop in a production called “ER.” This was before the TV show, but I did like to tell people that the show was based off of our play. I had one line in this production. The woman who played my sister came in to the ER – and it turned out (SHOCKER!) that she was pregnant. When she delivered, I got to stand on a chair and scream, “PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!”  at her and that was… I’m not done yet.

An Open Letter to My Leg.

Dear leg, Right now, I’m not sure how much more I can handle from you.  Today, I went to go get you checked out because you’ve been hurting (AGAIN) and I expected more of the same – slight injury, la la la. And of course I decided to do this on a day that I hadn’t shaved my legs (sorry, therapist dude, for the 2-day stubble), and of course my feet probably smelled and were unsightly (I’m still recuperating post-marathon), and I’m sorry for all of the little stretchy tests and resistance exercises I had to use you to do…. I’m not done yet.

Just make it go away, now.

“If you don’t cut your losses before you get lost, they’re never gonna leave you alone.” – What Made Milwaukee Famous Some of this may be a repeat of the last few blog posts, so for that I apologize in advance. This entire week has been a whirlwind, it seems. My leg (good ol’ lefty!) is acting up again – so much so that I’m considering stopping running altogether for a while and focusing on solely strength exercises.  The bummer is that I already paid for training and the Austin half. But what good is it to be running/exercising in… I’m not done yet.

Like a Taylor Swift Song.

I had more running problems this morning. I got about a mile into a 10-mile run before my I wanted to chop my leg off and beat myself with it. Here’s the thing: I… do not like running. I really am not the physical exercise type. If I could lose weight, or be active by doing nothing at all, I would. Running has its benefits; I’ve had some really great times with it, BUT all these pain-in-the-ass leg problems need to go away. I have stretched. I have rolled. I have sticked. I have yoga-ed, pilate-d, massaged. My leg sucks…. I’m not done yet.

My Nemesis: The 16-Miler.

Today, despite pumped up kicks and new gadgetry, was a bitch of a 16-miler. I think I was doing okay until mile 10, held on until 12, and then completely fell apart at that point. My legs were tired. My brain was tired. I had a side stitch and that little fucker, the left shin, had been bothering me the whole time. Around mile 6, I stopped for hydration and one of my running friends expressed concern over the shin pain. “Well,” she said, “if it doesn’t let up, maybe running’s not your thing.” I put the concern aside for… I’m not done yet.