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Funny Valentine.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. Every year, I’m always surprised at the reaction this day elicits from people. And every year, I’m always like, “Whaaaaat? just happened there…” And every year, I tell myself that it’s just Valentine’s Day and that’s how people get, and la la la. I don’t claim to be a relationship (or non-relationship) expert, but in my humble opinion, Valentine’s Day is the reason people die prematurely. Don’t understand what I mean? Think I’m being a little overdramatic? If you’re single – both men and women, but women seem to take this day harder – this day… I’m not done yet.

Swearing Consecutively: An Almost Year of Blogging.

Many days ago, I vowed to write in this blog (read: journal-ly thing for 20-somethings). I did, for the most part… there were a couple of days I unintentionally skipped. It turns out that, although you want things to happen in a given year … well, sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay. I think the number one remark I got from people on this was, “You’re so funny!” (I like that, and I’ll continue to be.) I think the number two remark was, “I don’t think you swear too much.” (Shut the fuck up, bitches.) At about the middle of… I’m not done yet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope that, wherever you’re spending this holiday, you and yours are happy and healthy. Tomorrow you can rip each other’s hair out as you put the meaningfulness of Thanksgiving aside to grab as many electronics as you can. Have a great night!

Adventures in Phone Blogging.

I think I’ve reached a new low. Or a new high, depending on how you look at it. That’s right, folks, I’m currently updating my blog from my iPhone. I’m never successful at getting WiFi in airports, and I have nothing better to do for an hour, so I figured, why not? I don’t know how to tether my phone, either. I have the stupids sometimes. My flight is currently delayed by 15 minutes, and I’ve already eaten my mandatory airport food (McDonalds fries). I wonder, what’s a girl to do? There are a group of girls giggling in the… I’m not done yet.

Rest, Relax, Renew.

Back home after what amounts to little more than a day spent with my family. It’s a little weird. I always feel so rushed to get there; normally because I leave straight from work, have to make sure I catch the train on time, have to make sure someone knows when I’m coming in so that they can pick me up. It’s just a bit stressful. I think, over the years, my family on the whole has mellowed considerably. We’re a large bunch even now and while there’s still chaos, we’ve learned the value of chilling out. Last night we… I’m not done yet.