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Swearing Consecutively: An Almost Year of Blogging.

Many days ago, I vowed to write in this blog (read: journal-ly thing for 20-somethings). I did, for the most part… there were a couple of days I unintentionally skipped. It turns out that, although you want things to happen in a given year … well, sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay. I think the number one remark I got from people on this was, “You’re so funny!” (I like that, and I’ll continue to be.) I think the number two remark was, “I don’t think you swear too much.” (Shut the fuck up, bitches.) At about the middle of… I’m not done yet.


Ah, November 30. You crept up like a sneaky son of a bitch. Well – here’s what I have to show for November: Book is not finished. Watching “Mad Men” on Netflix really makes me want to smoke and drink from daybreak to nightfall. And I can’t stop watching. And I’m not even sure if I LIKE the show! Blanket statement alert: I NEED TO BE MORE DRIVEN. Lots of interests, some talents, no drive. Lazy, lazy, lazy (read also: fear, fear, fear). Is the key not to set goals, so if you don’t do them, it doesn’t matter? Is… I’m not done yet.

28 Years Later: Not A Movie About Disease.

Actually, it’s not a movie at all. And I’ve never seen 28 Days Later or anything. I have seen 28 Days, though, because I’m awesome. So I was thinking yesterday about how 28 isn’t all that different from, say, 27… but it MIGHT be different from 32. The truth is, you never know. (It turns out that on your birthday, you think really deeply about things…) Remember in Sex and the City when Charlotte’s drunk off her ass and they’re on the boat, and she’s like, “I’M GETTING MARRIED!” and then all of the sudden Trey shows up and they… I’m not done yet.

No Chariots of Fire, But There Should Have Been.

Today, a miracle happened. And before you say, “Is this another post about running?” I assure you, reader, that that’s exactly what it is. But it has a message that can be applied to things that aren’t running, kind of like how post-it notes can be used for reminders, spitballs, tiny paper airplanes or other assorted origami. Seeing as how I haven’t really done my best thus far with training, I felt like this was the first week I could truly commit. Tuesday – a running day – went well, Wednesday I was supposed to cross-train somehow but had a… I’m not done yet.

And then I couldn’t fit into my bridesmaid’s dress.

Tonight, I ended the standstill I had going with trying on my bridesmaid’s dress. I have had the dress for about a month. I didn’t go to get it altered. Why? Because I knew I was fat, that’s why. On top of swearing too much, I also eat too much. Conversely, sometimes I forget to eat. In health speak, this equates to a giant frowny face that means “this is why you’re fat.” If I were trying to be positive, I would say, “Well, Amanda, you’re not obese! You have boobs! You sometimes work out! And every now and then… I’m not done yet.