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It’s Almost Here!

If I hadn’t been up for what seems like a million hours, I’d be outwardly jumping for joy that (although I ¬†am working tomorrow) I am leaving for Texas! Originally I was going down there to run the Austin Half; since that dream has been effectively crushed I’m just going to spend time with friends. This means there will be a lot of alcohol consumption and hopefully much more sleep than I’ve been getting. I’m kind of packed; still have to get the girlie things together but I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to do so. I’m sure I’ll be panicking… I’m not done yet.

Vivir Su Vida.

Literally translated, the title of the blog post means “to live your life.” From last night to today, I took an inventory. It was sort of haphazard, because I was relieved I wasn’t battling drunken idiots but kind of feeling lame that I didn’t really do anything. (I concluded that I was doing something I liked to do, so it all worked out.) So I thought of the things that I have, and the things that I want, and the things I’d have to do to get me to what I want, and then I did not write them down… I’m not done yet.

Oh, pizza. I love you.

Spending this (very late, dear God I should be in bed) evening eating deep dish pizza with a friend who’s in from out of town. This day started out frustratingly shitty, when I had to cut my long run short by a mile due to leg problems (again). It still really upsets me, so… Moving on. Spent most of the rest of my day with my best friend because it’s her birthday! And birthdays are awesome! And now, there’s another friend. And pizza. Life is good. (Screw you, leg.)

But there’s drinking.

Sitting with a friend over drinks right now (and, I suppose being way rude because I’m updating this). Today my mind is a jumble over what happened in Connecticut. Over children. Over death. And I just don’t know. Perhaps, when I can express my thoughts more eloquently, I shall write about it. Have a good night everyone. Stay safe.

The Mad Ones.

Tonight, I find myself thinking about crazy people. Luckily for me, this town is full of ’em. When I was 14, I had a friend who told me that he really thought the crazy people were the ones who truly had it all together. Their reality was the truth of the world, they were the ones who were truly paying attention. I suppose I appreciated his words, as they’ve stuck with me, and mental illness is something I know all too well – genetics have taken care of that for me. And every now and then, my crazy-craze manifests itself… I’m not done yet.