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And with it, comes the realization that: 1) I don’t have a life. 2) I think I really need to start working out on a regular basis. 3) It pains me to say that. Today I spent 3.5 hours finishing up paperwork at work. While it feels good to have things to scratch off the to-do list, I can’t help but think that days off could be spent more wisely. Like watching things on Netflix. And eating chips. You know? I did some grocery shopping and I’m hoping that it’ll last me until my next paycheck. The goal here is… I’m not done yet.

Goodbye Life, Hello Netflix (Again).

Back in the days of yore, I thought canceling my $16/month Netflix subscription meant being financially responsible (I never used it). I had a TV with cable. I watched Food Network a lot. My debt kept rising anyway. When I moved, I decided not to take my 150-pound TV with me. It was a tube TV, and (again) I thought I could save money by not taking it (and, relatedly, not having to pay for cable). So my bill went from $100-something to $70-something for internet only (I forgot to pay this bill last month, because I am the opposite… I’m not done yet.

Shoes, Running Shoes.

I GOT SHOES. New running shoes, that is. This entire training session has left my left shin battered, and with 7 more weeks to go, I don’t want (and really can’t afford) anything to get worse. So I made my way over to my running store, with my current running shoes on my feet (and no, I didn’t run there – are you kidding?). The salesperson didn’t really think there was much wrong about my current shoes, but I assured him that there was. “I’m over halfway through training… I think it’s time to get new shoes.” Instead, he mentioned… I’m not done yet.

Less than 99 problems.

A current list of all of my problems: It’s hot. It’s really hot. I don’t get paid til Thursday, and I’m playing an interesting game of monetary chess with paying my bills and depleting my bank accounts. It’s really, really, motherfucking hot. Where did the word motherfucking come from? Why does the computer say that motherfucking is not a word when used as a noun but it is considered a word when used as an adjective? I have to run 5 miles. I say have to, because I have the option not to, but I got some things to prove… I’m not done yet.


Day 67 was supposed to begin with a mantra of sorts: “Everything I need shall be provided today. Everything.” I missed that memo, though. So, some matters that I needed to be taken care of were taken care of – chocolate, a laugh every now and then; some still weren’t – still trying to figure out my financials before I go crazy on vacation; and some happened without me even asking – I did NOT need the two-hour headache that accompanied me at the end of the work day and is still lingering. Fulfillment, according to Beattie, is about trust… I’m not done yet.