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The 5K That Wasn’t.

I was supposed to run a 5K tonight – my first since the marathon – but work got a little too crazy, and I didn’t have enough time to go home and change. Ah, well. At least the shirt was cool. In essence, then, I paid $32 for a shirt. Next week is another 5K – Hot Chocolate – and it’s on a Sunday so I’ll have no excuse. They give hoodies as goodie bags. And let’s face it – a hoodie beats a shirt any day, am I right? Have a good night, everyone.

Post-Marathon Update: My Legs Are Useless.

There are certain things that you will hear before you undertake a race of any significant magnitude. One of them being that, after you run a marathon, you might find it difficult to walk. Or move. Or generally do anything that involves being in one place and trying to transport yourself to another, unless you believe in just throwing yourself headlong at things and hoping for the best. So, sure, I heard all of these things. And I’ve had sore muscles before. After my 20-miler, my legs were sore for about a week. But that was nothing – nothing –… I’m not done yet.

Carbs, Day Two… and some really good other things.

Today was set to be a stressful day. I was short-handed at work, the replacement hire I found to start next week is no longer because she had some schedule conflicts, I only had one bottle of water (I think), etc. etc. Nevertheless, I tried to keep my wits about me and maintained a constant intake of carbs. For breakfast it was a bagel. Afternoon snack: an apple. Lunch: a baked potato. Dinner: pad thai. I had some people come and congratulate me on even attempting to run the marathon. I had some people who wished me good luck. I… I’m not done yet.

Carbs, Day One.

T-3 days until the marathon and shit is getting real. All this week I’ve been worrying about water intake, not drinking enough electrolytes, eating correctly. Today was the first day I loaded up on carbs. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be enjoyable, but I’m not sure how I felt about it. Breakfast: bagels. Lunch: veggie fried rice. Dinner: a shitload of pasta and bread. Tomorrow, I get to do it all over again. I’m not sure if I can! :) Have a good night everyone.

Ah, Yes. The blog thing.

Not gonna lie – almost forgot to write in this. “In” as if this is some kind of diary, and I am 13-years-old. While I act like I am 13, I recognize that this is NOT a diary. It’s closer to a LiveJournal, but it’s not a diary. Right now, I’m just in full stress mode. Quiet? Sure. Calm? Almost. Fucking stressed to the point I want to sleep all day long? You betcha. Trying to remind myself that all of this shall come to pass soon. The marathon I worked 20 weeks for (sometimes really hard, sometimes not so… I’m not done yet.