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My Lungs Want to Murder Me.

Today I ran. For 10 minutes. And I wanted to die. It wasn’t actually that my legs couldn’t handle it. No, they were going along at a pace of 12:30 and then 12:45 and I didn’t actually want to slow down. My lungs, however, reacted so vehemently to the movement that I felt as if I had smoked three packs of cigarettes while holding my breath under water. Tricky, right? It didn’t feel good. And now I’m all bummed and disappointed because I am a bum. I’ll get back on it tomorrow. By now, everyone knows that running is not… I’m not done yet.

The Day That Time Forgot.

Or, more accurately, the day that I forgot. I’ve made it my goal this year to post one blog a day. It wasn’t part of some bloggity thing; it was, however, my attempt to force myself to write. To stick to something. To hone… whatever the hell it is I’m doing here. Yesterday, I ran a 5k. I did that in 42:09 with an average pace of 13:34 per mile. Considering the amount of time I spent wanting to die after not running at all since the marathon, I’d say that was pretty good. When I got home, I took… I’m not done yet.

Oh Saturday, My Saturday.

Today was an unusual Saturday in that I said, “Sayonara, bitches!” to work at a time when I generally do not. By 11:15a, with my OCD tendencies satisfied, I was out the door and heading down to Soldier Field to get my packet for tomorrow’s race. Before I even walked into the expo (a tent), however, I heard the jams of Michael Jackson blaring through. And while I enjoy some MJ from time to time, I knew this wasn’t going to be an expo I stayed and wandered around. I walked up and down four lanes to get to the… I’m not done yet.

And At The End Of The Day…

There’s still wine and chocolate. Thank God. Will work half a day tomorrow, pick up my stuff for the Hot Chocolate 5k (I think I’ll actually make it to this one!), and then… KICKBOXING! I really am excited. I can’t promise that I’ll be any good at it, considering it’s been missing from my life for a whole three weeks, but… let’s just say it’ll feel good to punch things. Love, peace and happiness to all, everywhere in the land!


And with it, comes the realization that: 1) I don’t have a life. 2) I think I really need to start working out on a regular basis. 3) It pains me to say that. Today I spent 3.5 hours finishing up paperwork at work. While it feels good to have things to scratch off the to-do list, I can’t help but think that days off could be spent more wisely. Like watching things on Netflix. And eating chips. You know? I did some grocery shopping and I’m hoping that it’ll last me until my next paycheck. The goal here is… I’m not done yet.