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Meditations in An Emergency.

Yes, I’m still watching “Mad Men.” Yes, I now want to read the book on which this title is based. Yes, I still think Vincent Kartheiser is ugly and I hate his pouty faces. I find myself at crossroads at the strangest times these days. Tonight, while walking to voice lessons, I started to think about the guitar I’ve had since I was 16… and how I should get it fixed. SOMEONE tried to restring it and successfully busted two pegs. And then I started to think about the electric guitar that belonged to my ex. And how I’ll never… I’m not done yet.

My Nemesis: The 16-Miler.

Today, despite pumped up kicks and new gadgetry, was a bitch of a 16-miler. I think I was doing okay until mile 10, held on until 12, and then completely fell apart at that point. My legs were tired. My brain was tired. I had a side stitch and that little fucker, the left shin, had been bothering me the whole time. Around mile 6, I stopped for hydration and one of my running friends expressed concern over the shin pain. “Well,” she said, “if it doesn’t let up, maybe running’s not your thing.” I put the concern aside for… I’m not done yet.

And Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t You Think?

Today, Beattie writes about one of the ironies about letting go. Let’s say you acknowledge that there’s something you really want or need. Let’s say that whatever this is has been something that, in the past, you said you didn’t need or want. But now, you’re feeling better, and you’re like, “GIVE ME THAT I WANT THAT.” And then it doesn’t happen. And you wait. And you wait. And you wait. And spring turns to summer, which turns to fall which turns to winter, and you think maybe for Christmas, Santa will bring you your wish. Or Jesus. Or it’ll… I’m not done yet.

Learn Your Lessons Well.

No, really, you learn them. Because I’m not. It’s once again 10pm, I’m not sleeping, and I put the dark chocolate salted caramel cupcakes on hold until tonight. So, they’re baked, but they aren’t put together. I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday, went to the store to get things to finish off the cupcakes, came home and got a text from another friend who wants to go out. It’s 10pm, and I’m going out. Why? Because I don’t often. I like to cram all of my social activities into as little time as possible. I make up for it… I’m not done yet.

Your Issue. Not Mine.

First off – have to give a huge shout out to the mothers on this mother’s day, who shot children out of their vaginas (as Juno once said, “like free iPods”). This joke obviously doesn’t work if you had a C-section, but I’m sure you can imagine – even if you don’t want to. In case you were wondering, no, I’ve never had children. I spent yesterday and some of today with my stepmom and most of today with my mom. They’re two totally different ladies, but each one of them is awesome. When I was at dinner with my… I’m not done yet.