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The Mad Ones.

Tonight, I find myself thinking about crazy people. Luckily for me, this town is full of ’em. When I was 14, I had a friend who told me that he really thought the crazy people were the ones who truly had it all together. Their reality was the truth of the world, they were the ones who were truly paying attention. I suppose I appreciated his words, as they’ve stuck with me, and mental illness is something I know all too well – genetics have taken care of that for me. And every now and then, my crazy-craze manifests itself… I’m not done yet.

Reality bites.

“I know why we try to keep the dead alive: we try to keep them alive in order to keep them with us.” – Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking Sometimes, you might think you see him – walking down the street, walking toward you, and you almost forget. You almost forget and your pace quickens, your heart beating out of your chest. “Is this real?” you say. “Can it be?” So startled are you by this copycat image, this lifelike impostor of what was, that you smile hugely and almost call out to him. And that’s when you… I’m not done yet.