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Triple Good

Today, my piano got set up! And it is beautiful! And I played it! And it’s beautiful! Today, I emptied out a bin of dishes that has been sitting in the kitchen since I moved in! And they’re in the dishwasher! And then I can put them away so that they’re not in a bin anymore wrapped in newspaper! And today, I also decided to make a list of intentions to take care of myself. I haven’t been feeling great, and exercise makes me sad, and not exercising makes me sadder. I’m not entirely wallowing, but I’m… mini-wallowing. So I’m… I’m not done yet.

The first step IS a doozy.

I actually attempted cleaning my apartment tonight. Like, serious cleaning. Mother AND sister are coming tomorrow. (I feel like mortal kombat: FINISH HER!!!!) And I’m sweaty. And tired. And nothing’s actually done. Motherbitches. Goodnight.

and I ran. I ran (not so) far away.

Today was a day of doing things: I cleaned some, I slept some, and I took up running again. I’ve come to the conclusion that cleaning would be a lot easier if it didn’t take so long. (And also, if I didn’t have so much STUFF.) I have a bajillion loads of laundry to do now, because I finally picked up what was on my bedroom floor – but this time I’ll get quarters before I decide to do any. I also found a gas bill that was due yesterday (oops?) and I almost threw away my renewed credit card… I’m not done yet.

Diet Coke Tastes More Like The Ramblings of A Crazy Person.

As I sit here and stare at four cans of half-drunken Diet Coke, I can’t help but think that maybe I went wrong somewhere in my life. Like that maybe Diet Coke should have been Diet Dr. Pepper, so then I could use that slogan to say, “No, nothing’s wrong, because Diet Coke tastes like regular Coke, but not the stuff that you snort up your nose, because that would signify a real problem… and it is a problem, just not for me.” Because it isn’t, despite what these ramblings suggest. I got the ball rolling on home-life productivity today;… I’m not done yet.


After yesterday, I came home at a reasonable hour (WHAAAAAAT?), and have been watching “Parks and Rec” for hours now. My house is a mess. My friend’s coming in from St. Louis tomorrow. I think my gym shoes really smell bad? … Annnnd I have work in 6 hours. LAMESAUCE. Have a good night, everyone.