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The Accidental Purity Ring.

I’ve been in Austin for a little over two days now, feeling much less overwhelmed than I was during last year’s SXSW stint. This has been the trip of early arrivals. I got to Austin 45 minutes early, but I was even early to Midway, leaving me two and half hours to wander – which for me, means a trip to the airport bookstore, McDonald’s fries and a coke (a strange, almost OCD thing that I must do when I go to Midway), and finding someone to text so that I am not sitting in a chair having a staring… I’m not done yet.

My nephew is keeping the Post Office alive.

    That is the postcard I’m going to send to my nephew’s class, because they’re learning about the post office. It has to be postmarked before Thursday, so if I don’t get off my ass today and do it, I have to do it tomorrow. I generally enjoy writing letters; it makes me sad that the post office is becoming an extinct institution. I might have written that on my postcard, except I don’t believe that’s a fact little kids would enjoy or understand. Instead, we had to write a fact about the city we live in. Of course,… I’m not done yet.

Bored. Boring. Bore.

On my way home after a long day at work. I actually left work 45 minutes ago, but I debated wandering through the city tonight. The sensible part of me said to get on the El instead. So here I am, coughing up a lung, and waiting. This is possibly the most boring post I have ever written (if you debate that, let me know… Maybe it’ll liven this post up). I’m just so exhausted. Maybe it’s the caffeine withdrawal. I’m 6 days in with no coffee. That’s what I do to keep my life exciting – I take things… I’m not done yet.

Nyquil Coma.

Dear friends,   I’ve gotten my first cold of 2013. Normally, I’m better than this. I blame the insane Chicago weather. (60 yesterday. 40 degrees this morning, then rain, now snow.) I started feeling awful last night, went to bed early, woke up with a sore throat, and got worse throughout the day. I went to the store to get Nyquil, but I forgot to get tea bags. I think I will attempt heating up Gatorade. It’s got electrolytes in it. I don’t really know what I’m saying. I could also boil water and put cayenne pepper in it, but… I’m not done yet.

Busiest. Day. Ever.

I had the busiest day EVER. It started by working at the office for three hours, and then I ran to and fro in the negative temps for most of my day. Productive? You betcha. Wishing I was sleeping and/or lounging so much that at the end I wonder where my day went? CORRECT. In fact, I am so frazzled by today that every time I type “busiest” I want to type “business,” because I was ALL UP IN IT. Ended up in Evanston having dinner with an old friend. It was a nice cap on a day like today…. I’m not done yet.