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Less than 99 problems.

A current list of all of my problems: It’s hot. It’s really hot. I don’t get paid til Thursday, and I’m playing an interesting game of monetary chess with paying my bills and depleting my bank accounts. It’s really, really, motherfucking hot. Where did the word motherfucking come from? Why does the computer say that motherfucking is not a word when used as a noun but it is considered a word when used as an adjective? I have to run 5 miles. I say have to, because I have the option not to, but I got some things to prove… I’m not done yet.

Learn Your Lessons Well.

No, really, you learn them. Because I’m not. It’s once again 10pm, I’m not sleeping, and I put the dark chocolate salted caramel cupcakes on hold until tonight. So, they’re baked, but they aren’t put together. I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday, went to the store to get things to finish off the cupcakes, came home and got a text from another friend who wants to go out. It’s 10pm, and I’m going out. Why? Because I don’t often. I like to cram all of my social activities into as little time as possible. I make up for it… I’m not done yet.

Adventures in Running: The Return

Today is May 15. I have not run since April 19, when I achieved my fastest mile to date: an 11:20 mile. I began training for the Chicago Marathon today with fear and trepidation for a couple of reasons. 1) I have not run in almost a month. 2) I requested to be put in a somewhat faster training group (instead of running 3-4 minutes and walking for 2, I am now doing 5/1s). 3) I have not run in almost a month. 4) The 5/1 training schedule – as well as the marathon training schedule – is a bit… I’m not done yet.

Honesty and Mad-Libbing.

Day whatever-number-this-is is about honesty. The only way to get through issues, to move past them, is to be honest with yourself and others about who you are, where you’re coming from, and what you’ve done. You can always admit to whomever you believe in (your personalized Powers That Be) what you’ve done, as well. The key is not to hide, but to be as open as possible. Beattie’s words are well-intentioned ones, I would guess, but it also means that you have to choose who you’re going to trust with the information that you tell. Me? Well, I tend… I’m not done yet.

Your Issue. Not Mine.

First off – have to give a huge shout out to the mothers on this mother’s day, who shot children out of their vaginas (as Juno once said, “like free iPods”). This joke obviously doesn’t work if you had a C-section, but I’m sure you can imagine – even if you don’t want to. In case you were wondering, no, I’ve never had children. I spent yesterday and some of today with my stepmom and most of today with my mom. They’re two totally different ladies, but each one of them is awesome. When I was at dinner with my… I’m not done yet.