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For Who Could Ever Learn to Love A Beast?

“Unhealthy love may meet surface needs, but not our need to be loved,” Beattie writes. Oh. Well… Fuck. 199 days into this… and the whole concept is still a bit of a sore spot. It leads to things like how many of my previous relationships were mired in ickiness. It leads to wounds that haven’t fully healed. It leads to using a Disney quote as the title of a blog post. It leads to seeing those over-produced quote-pictures on Facebook and liking almost every one of them (if not in reality, then in your head). Nevertheless, I shall continue this… I’m not done yet.

she’s come undone.

She dreams. In ferocious color, like a Photoshop session gone awry. Nothing seems right or real. She sees people she knows, and meets people she doesn’t. She dreams.  There’s a sense of urgency. Faces in and out of the frame. Conversations clipped; now in focus. Is the glass on the floor near the wall for listening? And yet, she’s not talking much. And before it ends, when she hears her own voice screaming, she wonders what she possibly could have missed. ________________________________________________________________ I’m really no good at fiction but I’ve had that in my head for a couple of days…. I’m not done yet.

Sweet Surrender.

Today, Beattie writes that if there’s something you want or need, go ahead and ask for it. Put it out there to the Powers That Be. Trust that it’s been heard, then let it go. I feel weird doing such a thing, as I grew up believing you shouldn’t ask your God of choice for frivolous things. God wasn’t Santa Claus. God wouldn’t give you a pony, even if you asked really nicely. But lately, I find myself fixating over things – not like in the creepy Lifetime movie way – just in the feedback-loop sort of way that takes… I’m not done yet.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

“…It is not what we intend but what we do that makes us useful.” – Henry Ward Beecher Today, I ran 11 miles. My phone died about 9 miles in, so I have no idea how I really did, except that I’m really sore and chafed (ugh). I find myself worrying more and more the longer the training for the marathon goes on. I think that if I had put more effort in in the beginning, I wouldn’t be having these issues now, but you never really know. Intentions are great; they really are. HOWEVER, intentions don’t get results if… I’m not done yet.

Who asked you?

“So much of our communication can reflect our need to control.” – Melody Beattie I sat across from a friend of mine, explaining I had written a letter but I hadn’t mailed it to its recipient, yet. I am a much better writer than speaker – and well, I had things to say. “I made bullet points,” I said. “Tried to be as direct as possible.” “What did it say?” my friend asked. “Well most of it pointed to the fact that I loved them, no matter what.” “But they didn’t ask you to love them,” my friend countered. “Well,… I’m not done yet.