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SeeSaw. TeeterTotter. YingYang. Balance.

Welp. It’s the end of April. In this month, I: -meant to lose weight. I gained. -meant to save money. I did. For like 2 seconds. -meant to find an apartment. Still hasn’t happened. -tried not to work overtime. I now have 3 weeks of paperwork still to do. Guess I’ll be staying late the rest of this week! So, yes. The key is balance, but I’ve never been good at the seesaws of life. And quite literally, on one occasion I was bitchslapped by a seesaw. I was on one end, my sister on the other, she went up,… I’m not done yet.

The balancing act.

You’d think, for someone whose astrological sign is the scales, I’d be more… um… balanced. Unfortunately, I tend to run hot and cold between extremes; something is or it is not. It’s not intentional, perse. And I’m definitely not one of those hard-edged, unbearable people. I just have trouble finding the middle ground, sometimes. Beattie reminds her reader today that we should always seek balance: work with play, investment with detachment. It’s a good lesson, if only I’d learn it. My goal next month (starting Sunday) is to be as disciplined as I possibly can in as many areas of… I’m not done yet.

Finding Balance.

“What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity…” – Henri Matisse Day 12: Balance. The thing I struggle with day in and day out. If I reflect upon it, balance IS an art. Far too few people learn it, myself included. I spend so much time fluctuating between highs and lows, and all I want is to live gracefully. Peacefully. I meander back and forth – love, hate, disgust, adoration – sometimes over the course of a week. Sometimes over the course of a few hours. (A secret: It’s exhausting.) But what surrounds all that… I’m not done yet.