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Revisiting As If.

Tonight, I did a speed workout that consisted of three continuous-run miles with three-minute breaks in between each. One of my coach friends ran with me and another friend, encouraging us along the way. She remarked, “You look like you’ve gotten stronger.” “Have I?” I said. “Yeah with continuous running… you just seem better.” “Oh, I have no way of really knowing,” I said. “And believe me, I’m only running continuously because I have to.” “Well,” she said, “then you have to all the time.” The words really struck me, not only because they were inspiring me at that time,… I’m not done yet.

As If.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever…” – James Dean Besides the phrase ‘as if’ being from one of the GREATEST, OSCAR-WINNING MOVIES OF ALL TIME (1995’s Clueless), it appears the two little words have big significance in teaching me something about life. Today’s lesson, according to Beattie, is to act “as if.” Or, put another way, to fake it til you make it. I practice this sometimes, but surely not often enough. In fact, I get so wrapped up in my own destructiveness that acting as if doesn’t even register on the radar. Right now, for example: I could act… I’m not done yet.