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Sake? I’ll Pass.

Just got home from a sake tasting with the CheekyChicago girls. I’ve only tried sake once, in Texas, and it was not my favorite. It turns out that it still is not my favorite. Doesn’t matter what grade it is, either. We sipped from the lowest grade to the highest, and in my opinion, it just got worse the higher we went. Unlike vodka, which when it’s really cheap tastes like rubbing alcohol, expensive premium sake tastes like premium rubbing alcohol. For the first time in days, I do not have a book to read. I read the second installment… I’m not done yet.

I Went To Texas And All I Got Was A Sunburn.

… Well, that’s not exactly true. I do have sunburn, but I think that was largely due to poor planning yesterday. It was cloudy, then it was sunny, there was alcohol involved, I didn’t move fast enough, etc etc. Overall, the trip was more about alcohol consumption than auditory pleasures, but since I don’t drink all that often, I’m okay with that. I got to meet Rachael Ray, listen to bands I really enjoyed, hang with some great people, and walked away with a newfound appreciation for a well-made Bloody Mary. I have decided that, when it comes to transportation,… I’m not done yet.

People Who Need People.

Hi. My name’s Amanda. This post is brought to you by my friend Corona*, which has been sitting in my fridge since my sister visited…. uh, in December? And tonight, I had 152 calories left, so I pretty much just threw caution to the wind and decided to have a beer. Because I’m awesome. You know what else I am? Needy. You know who knows I’m needy? Anyone I’ve ever interacted with. You know when I’m not needy? When I decide I hate people and want to do everything myself. You know when that stops? When someone becomes interested in… I’m not done yet.