Transform and Roll Out.

It’s pretty sacrilegious, I realize, to use a phrase from a beloved childhood cartoon which I barely remember. But I’m doing it anyway.

My apartment’s about 80+ degrees inside, and outside it feels much cooler. I’m a huge (HUGE) fan of rainstorms, and it’s supposed to rain tonight. Nights like this I almost feel like I’m missing out on something – as if the air holds some big secret – and normally I’ll go outside, even if it’s pouring out, and walk. The rain doesn’t bother me (much to the horror of others). I find it ridiculously calming.

I feel like I’m just on the edge of change; what that is, however, I don’t know. There seems to be a lot of nasty roadblocks lately, but I’m really – honestly – okay with that. When things don’t go my way, it’s a great lesson in humility. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to see things differently, to challenge what I know, and how I know it. And perhaps when all is said and done, I’ll be transformed – or as Beattie says, I’ll “own my power.”

Now seriously, WHEN IS IT GOING TO RAIN?!

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