The balancing act.

You’d think, for someone whose astrological sign is the scales, I’d be more… um… balanced. Unfortunately, I tend to run hot and cold between extremes; something is or it is not. It’s not intentional, perse. And I’m definitely not one of those hard-edged, unbearable people. I just have trouble finding the middle ground, sometimes.

Beattie reminds her reader today that we should always seek balance: work with play, investment with detachment. It’s a good lesson, if only I’d learn it.

My goal next month (starting Sunday) is to be as disciplined as I possibly can in as many areas of my life as I possibly can. It seems like things are messy and I’d like to be able to tidy up a bit. Though that isn’t necessarily true balance. I’m only going from one extreme to the other yet again. But, maybe in the experiment is where I find the middle ground. And maybe in the experiment is where I find what I’m not only capable of, but where willpower comes from. There is, unfortunately, a method to my madness. I’ve just never been very good at self-discipline.

And if there was ever a way to learn balance, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

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