SeeSaw. TeeterTotter. YingYang. Balance.

Welp. It’s the end of April. In this month, I:

-meant to lose weight. I gained.

-meant to save money. I did. For like 2 seconds.

-meant to find an apartment. Still hasn’t happened.

-tried not to work overtime. I now have 3 weeks of paperwork still to do. Guess I’ll be staying late the rest of this week!

So, yes. The key is balance, but I’ve never been good at the seesaws of life. And quite literally, on one occasion I was bitchslapped by a seesaw. I was on one end, my sister on the other, she went up, and I went down – crashing my chin into the handle along with it. I got 2 stitches from that event. I remember one woman saying to me, “You’re being so brave about this!” I didn’t know that at the time, there was a chunk of chin dangling there. Had I known, my 4-year-old self would not have been so brave. She would have been flipping the fuck out.

So far, I’ve not flipped the fuck out during this month. Yes, there’s still a lot of work to be done – and there might even be a few setbacks – but I tried to accept my situations as calmly as I could. I’m not sure if I entirely succeeded, but it’s a start.

The goal, always, is to maintain balance. Wobble a bit or lean heavily if you must on one side, but try to straighten out and you’ll eventually figure out how to do it. . And ABOVE ALL, when you are on a seesaw, keep your hands on the handles at all times so as to avoid crashing your chin into them.

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  1. brittany

    For the record, seeing the doctor shoot novocaine into that open wound and having it wildly spurt back out was one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. Worse than when you split your ear open, worse than when you split your eye open, worse than when I stuck the bead back up your nose. See saws might just be the devil.

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