I have 11 miles to run tomorrow, so I’m keeping this short.

Beattie writes about perfectionism. We don’t need to be perfect, she says; neither should we expect perfectionism from others. Strive to be your best, but if you’re not absolutely perfect, it’s absolutely okay. If you’re constantly finding fault with others – how they behave or how they choose to do something – you might constantly miss something that they’re doing well.

Look at yourself and others from a different perspective. Let go of the expectation that things have to be a certain way – you’ll be disappointed if you don’t.

I’m learning this little by little. I came to the realization tonight, by talking to a friend, that I am capable of so much that I never even thought about. If you stop thinking about something, and just do it, you might achieve more. I came to the realization today, that if you just let someone do things they way they want, you might relax a little more and they might realize that they made a mistake or two and change things around.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to go out and run without thinking too much about it. I’ll see what my body can do if my mind doesn’t tell me it has to be a certain way.

And by the way, I DO have that Pink song in my head.

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