I really should be sleeping right now.

Instead I’m up after working another night shift, and in a mere two or three hours have to get up and go back to work.

I’m listening to Taylor Swift with my headphones, probably because I don’t want anyone in my apartment complex to know that I listen to Taylor Swift. There’s not too much to the song “Eyes Open” but I like it. Maybe it’s how she makes a one-syllable word (eyes) into two (eye-eyes).

I’m continuing to feel just slightly off-track, like there’s something right ahead for me but I can’t grasp it – or if I did, I can’t hold onto it. I’m remaining positive that somehow, some way, everything will work out. Otherwise, I am totally checking myself into a mental health facility and staying there.

Alright. I have to convince my brain to sleep. In the words of Taylor Swift, “dream dreams with happy endings.”

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