Vivir Su Vida.

Literally translated, the title of the blog post means “to live your life.”

From last night to today, I took an inventory. It was sort of haphazard, because I was relieved I wasn’t battling drunken idiots but kind of feeling lame that I didn’t really do anything. (I concluded that I was doing something I liked to do, so it all worked out.)

So I thought of the things that I have, and the things that I want, and the things I’d have to do to get me to what I want, and then I did not write them down and went back to watching The Office and eating and drinking.  It was truly a great moment.

I got into bed at 11:15, because I’d been up since 4 and my eyes were burning. And then I woke up to a text at 11:45 from a friend who was like, “I’m super drunk; let me crash with you,” and I thought, “Really? This is how the new year begins?” and then I thought, “GOOD SAMARITANISM ALWAYS, AMANDA. THIS IS KARMA POINTS TO START OUT YOUR YEAR,” and then waited about an hour while listening to the neighbors discuss orphanages (DOWNER).

Friend showed up after 1 (my skull was radiating sleep, by that point) and after 2 hours of dealing with a drunken idiot (oh universe, how lovely you are), I finally got to sleep.

I think, maybe, if I could parlay this into something I know well… Right now, my life is like macaroni and cheese. Super good and awesome at times but also has the tendency of being like, “This? Again?” So what I need, essentially, is whatever the life-equivalent is of tasty additions to spice up an otherwise comforting, safe, sometimes-rockstar-all-on-its-own dish.

Wish me luck. Happy New Year, guys and gals.

97 Responses to “Vivir Su Vida.”

  1. Erica

    I can totally relate. When my life feels too dramatic all I want is quiet, when my life is quiet I crave the spice. Here is to a spicy 2013!

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