This Time Imperfect

This post has very little to do with the song by AFI of the same name, but it does concern learning to accept your flaws and imperfections.

After all, they’re what make you, you. While that may sound dismal, I mean it only in the best way possible. If everyone was AWESOME constantly, there’d be little (if any) variance about what makes people different. Red fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish – you know?

Right. So anyway, I got to thinking about flaws and imperfections and decided, at first, to rebel. I wanted to think of something I was PERFECT at so that I could be all, “Well, I suck at dodgeball but I’m the best at snorkeling!” Except the truth is that I really do suck at dodgeball and I’ve never been snorkeling

So as it turns out, I’m not perfect at anything. And neither are you!!! BWAHAHAHAHA.

Things I may be relatively good at:

– Lately, food if it involves baking and/or soups.

– Procrastination (I remain, as ever, true to form).

– Every now and then the English language.

– Every now and then the Spanish language (I can count to ten, say “hello,” “how are you?” and “I’m sorry.” Also, “You sleep with butter.”)

– Purchasing frivolous items (I bought a candy thermometer today. The jury is out on whether I will use it. Also, I almost bought a food scale only to come home and find that I already had one. So, there’s that).

I’m working on my flaws as well; lately, the biggest one being that I seem to be an unwitting saboteur in the events of my life. I’m as yet unwilling to accept this as an imperfection, so instead of being Eeyore-ish about it and sighing at my pinned-on tail, I’m going to be as positive as I can and try not to let the things around me get so deeply ingrained in who I am.

Look, kids! I found a flaw: Run-on sentences! YAY!


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