The Trials and Tribulations of Moving, Part 2

It’s currently 9pm. My new place is a mess, and I don’t feel like doing a goddamn thing. I’m updating from my phone (again); did I mention there’s no internet til Wednesday?

Here’s the short version: I woke up for no reason at 3:30am, went to work, came home at noon, movers came, movers moved, I went back to clean the old apartment after all was said and done, I just got back now.

Here’s the longer version: When I am old, I can taunt youngins with, “When I was your age, I had to move from one place to the other by walking.” My old and new apartments are about 4ish blocks away from each other, and I have no car, so while it’s not entirely true that I moved things by walking, I did make the back and forth trip three times today. (Between this, stair climbing and kickboxing yesterday, my legs are jelly, in case you were wondering.)

The movers didn’t show up until almost 3, so I got my keys to the new place (this was trip 1) and then went to the ATM to get cash. On my way, I noticed almost every street corner in my area had some sort of construction. As if this was the last time, ever, that there could be construction done. As a professional walker, I’ve seen a lot in my time, but this was just too much. It caused a lot of frustration on everyone’s part, too: walkers, annoyed that they had to use the other side of the sidewalk, instead swerved into the middle of the road. Drivers, annoyed at the swerving pedestrians, honked their horns impatiently. Pedestrians fired back by taking their sweet ass time. And construction workers just kept doing whatever it is that they do.

I also unwittingly wandered into some sort of street festival, which annoyed the fuck out of me because it meant people and lots of them. Someone shoved a flyer in my face for a new chiropractor. Someone else tried to stop me to talk about world peace, or green tea, or the Kardashians. But they didn’t realize that, while I normally don’t have time for that bullshit, I certainly didn’t have time today, when I was attempting to haul ass. I had an appointment of unspecified time. By the time I got to my bank, there was a line out the door to use the ATM.

I got home, hastily ate some pop tarts (fuel of champions) and not too much later, began the moving process.

Moving has taught me two things: 1) I need a car. Nobody moves by walking. 2) One of the movers said that I needed a man in my life. “Where’s the boyfriend or husband to help you?” he asked. “Non-existent,” I replied. (Note to self: next time you move, have boyfriend or husband. If you don’t, have someone pretend to be boyfriend or husband.)

The move took about 3 hours. I walked there to let the guys in (trip 2) and walked back to clean. In case you were wondering, a person can accumulate
a lot of dust. I did a half-ass job on the cleaning, and to be ironic I left most of my cleaning supplies there.

Now I am back (trip 3!) and I’m surrounded by boxes, bags and bins. I’m contemplating falling asleep right in this chair; it’s nearly impossible to get through to anything else. However, I don’t even have a shower curtain and I desperately need to shower. There’s a Target less than a mile away and I’m silently trying to convince my legs to go to there. If nothing else than to get a shower curtain.

…And maybe some new legs (did I mention I’m running seven miles tomorrow?).

Have a good night, everyone.

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