Swearing Consecutively: An Almost Year of Blogging.

Many days ago, I vowed to write in this blog (read: journal-ly thing for 20-somethings). I did, for the most part… there were a couple of days I unintentionally skipped.

It turns out that, although you want things to happen in a given year … well, sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay.

I think the number one remark I got from people on this was, “You’re so funny!” (I like that, and I’ll continue to be.) I think the number two remark was, “I don’t think you swear too much.” (Shut the fuck up, bitches.)

At about the middle of the year I stopped referencing Beattie – mostly because my cousin cleaned my apartment and I haven’t seen The Language of Letting Go since. Again, that’s okay.

On the first blog post of 2012, I was trying to complete some goals. I wanted to lose weight (I haven’t). I wanted to cook more (I haven’t). I wanted to finish my book (I haven’t). I wanted to write more (I did). I wanted to read more (I had a good run, for a while). I wanted to exercise more (I had a couple good runs). And on and on and on. I am not a good goal-finisher.

I think the major goal was to let things go (I tried. I cannot say I succeeded fully).

See, the thing is: at heart I am a dreamer. And I imagine some big cathartic moment to occur, where peace comes to me in a big old sunshine bath. But, see, the thing is: sunshine baths don’t happen. And if they do, get me out of there, because that means the apocalypse cannot be far behind.

I am not at peace with myself, yet. But I am working on it. Change is hard, difficult, maddening… and rewarding.

And so I move into 2013 with very little expectation – at least, quiet expectations, because right now I just want to chill out, drink Fat Tire and have myself a nonchalant  New-Year-Welcoming-Party.

Have a great New Year, everyone. Be safe.

8 Responses to “Swearing Consecutively: An Almost Year of Blogging.”

  1. Krystal Kadar


    I remember the day I saw you run a freaking marathon… that is more than the majority of people ever accomplish… not to mention you trained for that and did it in one year! I believe you have a lot more gumption to do the things you set out to do than you think. You are an amazing, strong, funny and talented woman. And I am so proud to call you my friend. I love you! Happy New Year! :-)


  2. amanda

    Krystal! I love you too! thank you for the kind words. all of them could be applied to you! happy new year!

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